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Everyone here at Active Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Center is concerned for our patient’s well being. We continue to closely monitor the issues surrounding the spread of COVID-19.  As part of our concern for patient’s health we have always worked hard to ensure our facility was clean and sanitized.  We continue to adhere to our practices and have added the following measures to our office:

*Anyone entering our office will be asked to wear a face mask or covering. A mask will be provided by our staff if needed.

*Please notify our office immediately if you or someone you have been in contact with has COVID 19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID 19.

*We ask that only the patient scheduled for the appointment attend unless special arrangements are made.

*Your temperature will be taken before entering our office.  

*Hand Sanitizer will be provided upon entering our office

Your safety and the safety of our staff is our top priority. If you have additional concerns or special circumstances please let us know so that we can try and accommodate you. We appreciate your patience with us during this unprecedented time.


Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation

We are excited to bring Blood Flow Restriction to our patients.

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Personalized BFR
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Our professionals offer you the best physical therapy and orthopedic rehab in Missoula. We can help you build strength for life at any age and at any activity level. We’re dedicated to helping our clients lead healthy lives through rehabilitation, committed therapist-client relationships, improved strength, injury prevention and overall quality of life.

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Our therapists can help you:
-Rehabilitate a sports or recreational injury
-Build strength before and after an orthopedic surgery
-Increase strength and function for overall healthy living
-Improve range of motion, posture and biomechanics
-Treat and manage chronic pain


Our Practice

When you walk through the doors at Active Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Center, not only will you be taking steps toward your healthy life you’ll also receive the best care possible. Physical therapy is an important part of any rehabilitation, pain relief or strength program recommended by your health care provider. Our therapists – Tim Messer,  Laurie Darnell, Madeline May, Cole Bausch and Jamie Lynn – offer you the tools for building strength for life.


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